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Arcosanti, Part 2

Bells, bells, everywhere. This photo is similar to one I shared last week but notice the ghostly reflections in the glass — an intriguing addition to the image.

The reception area/sales floor is filled with bells — those on this wall are made of bronze.

Another bell, this one made of fired clay.

In addition to bells, books, photos and posters (all for sale) they had this model on display. At the time, I did not note a explanatory placard but after the tour, I realized that it appears to represent a vision for the future of Arcosanti. The small greenish buildings in the middle look like the current Arcosanti. The tan structure is the future (maybe).

The center of this level is open to the cafe below. I loved the look through the massive windows to the deck and desert outside.

Another photo of the cafe. Note the piano, a table with chess set (next to the window on the left) plus a bar (green top). This area obviously serves many purposes for those who work and study here at Arcosanti.

The views from the cafe level are also spectacular. The cafe itself, bathed in natural light, is a very relaxing place to enjoy your meal or just a break from work with pleasant conversation.

Time for the tour. First a short video to introduce us to Arcosanti then downstairs and outside.

The first stop is the clay bell foundry. Clay molds are powdered with oxides, filled with clay, dried then decorated with patterns and finally fired in a kiln.

Here is some of the artisan's handiwork.

We spied two of the artisans at work — they were so focused on their tasks that they took little note of our presence.

And here is a set of their creations strung together and hung from a tree branch. Lovely to watch and pleasing to listen to in the slight breeze.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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