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Renaissance Festival, Part 2

Part of the expanded facility included this circus-like "tent" complete with...

...a sword swallower. Johnny asked, "how does he do that". I told him that some folks can learn to straighten their esophagus and somehow not gag as the sword is gently moved down the throat.

Back outside were rides for the kids such as this flying boat.

Johnny was not much interested in the rides but this activity caught his attention. He was willing to give it a go — $2 for three attempts to climb the rope ladder which rotates on swivels. If you get to the top without falling off, you get $20. "Looks easy", he said, already counting his newfound wealth — until he hit the hay three straight times.

Again we ran into Rey of Star Wars - The Force Awakens.

She noticed Johnny staring at her and offered to let us take a picture with her and Johnny. He was a little shy at first but I thought the photo turned out very well. The only thing better would have been if he had been wearing some type of Star Wars costume. But who knew to expect Star Wars during the Renaissance.

All over the grounds were shops selling wares that would have been common or popular in the Renaissance time period — such as candles.

Here we encountered a pirate maze — Johnny had to go. However, when he came down the slide at the end, he decided once was enough.

Another attraction that caught his eye was the axe throwing booth. Two bucks and no prizes but Johnny said it was fun even though it was much harder than it looked.

And the next booth offered knives to throw at a target. Johnny actually was quite good at this one — his first shot stuck in the wall (hard to see the knife but its shadow is below and right of the black shield). The attendant was so impressed he gave Johnny a couple extra throws for free.

Lots of food choices, most with a Renaissance theme — although I doubt they had pizza at that time. One of the offerings that they always promote are turkey legs — and we saw many patrons chowing down on them as we wondered through the festival grounds.

And there was no shortage of beverages for pirates of all ages. One warning, you may need to visit two different booths to obtain your food and beverage choices. Also note that none of the vendors accept credit cards. Although there are ATMs on-site, I'd recommend taking a decent amount of cash with you when you go.

We enjoyed the festival, Johnny could only stomach a couple of hours of fun. At ten years old, it wasn't quite his cup of tea. Maybe in a year or two he will be ready to return and enjoy more of the fair.

Life is good.

B. David

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