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Desert Botanical Garden, Part 3

I chose to visit the garden on the night of the full moon — the "Snow Moon" since it occurred in February. The atmosphere was quite hazy and thus enhanced the color of the moon as it rose over the mountains to the east. Wish I had a BIG telephoto lens — to capture the moon, the mountain and nothing else. Of course the $16,299.95 (plus tax) for a AF-S NIKKOR 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR would put a pretty big dent in my pocketbook.

Near the entrance to the garden is the Saguaro, which I shared two weeks ago during daylight hours. I think you'll agree that it is much more dramatic at night — but, of course, that was the artist's intention.

Nearby is the Water-Towers with the hillside lit up beyond. The towers are actually plastic bottles with a optical fiber inside. The color change is driven by an electronic box hidden inside each tower. It is fascinating to watch each tower change color independently.

The hillside in the background of the previous photo is actually its own artistic exhibit called Field of Light. The pattern makes me think of photomicrographs of brain synapses. Each network changes color with its own controller making this an active, thinking mountain.

Here is a closer photo of the "brain synapses" consisting of optical fiber and frosted balls.

Closer still.

This piece is called Fireflies. To me the "firefly" looks more like a miniature fireworks explosion.

And when you put a bunch of them together, they are spectacular.

Chindi is a huge hanging sculpture which dances in the wind. Quite hypnotic.

This piece is called Beacon. I would have named it Igloo. Love to just sit and watch the colors change like an igloo under the Northern Lights.

Each of the bottles contains the optical fiber providing the light in a unique color. The closeup is interesting but the combined effect of all these bottles is stunning.

Eden Blooms looks to me like a giant alien dandelion. Except it glows. And it changes color. Maybe the best of the show. What do you think?

Upon exiting the garden, we see a familiar piece, Desert Towers, from the Chihuly exhibit a few years ago and now a permanent fixture here. Very comforting to see my old friend on each arrival and departure.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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