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ASU Gammage, Part 2

There are two Frank Lloyd Wright-designed fountains in front of ASU Gammage — this one fronts the shady side of the building.

The pedestrian walkway on this side dramatically emphasizes Wright's use of the circle in this design — they're everywhere.

For some reason, the circles inside the circular arches makes me think of the curtains on the stage, partially pulled back.

Down below, there are tables and chairs which I assume are for patrons attending performances for use during intermission.

While seated at one of those tables, if you should happen to glance up, you are provided a truly dramatic view.

As I mentioned previously, FLW always provided designs of the slightest detail elements such as this Bollard light with a copper-colored exterior. This looks surprisingly modern but the design actually goes back quite a ways. Yet I have no information as to whether or not it was original.

The design of the copper color light posts on the grounds is original although I was told that it was reconfigured with the larger cylinder moved to the top to accommodate modern light bulbs.

Another circle, actually a globe, matching those elsewhere at ASU Gammage, both outside and inside.

On the grounds, there is an inviting rose garden in which I found this beautiful white rose with a hint of pink. Spectacular.

The wide-angle view of the rose garden shows this spot to be a favorite hangout for students between classes. I know if I were attending ASU, I would spend a bunch of time here on such a nice day as this.

To be continued...

Life is good.

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