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David Wright House, Part 2

Continuing the tour, here we see the windows, awning support and balcony outside the living room as viewed from the central courtyard. We'll see the interior in future photos.

A view of the courtyard looking out to the driveway area.

Next is the master bedroom, the chimney for its fireplace and the hallway leading to it — all as seen from the courtyard.

Another view of the courtyard but this one is from the spot where the swimming pool used to be. I found some old photos online of the courtyard which showed the pool as it looked at that time. Our guide told us that they intend to restore the pool as part of the overall restoration.

If you are interested in those old photos which include the pool, you can download a magazine article by clicking here.

Here is a view of the courtyard from near the top of the ramp. The swimming pool originally was located at the left edge of this shot.

Here I stand at the very top of the house, on the deck above the bedroom and living room level. The only reason I included this shot was because these do not look like chairs designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. I wonder if they might check the archives and reproduce what originally stood up here.

That top deck provides a wonderful view of the property including this one of the bedroom wing.

The high perch also give a dramatic view of the spiral ramp and the decorative pad beyond.

The decorative pad was made up for Halloween but there is more to the story. Because of the concerns of the neighboring community, the foundation is now planning to dig down at this spot to construct a gift shop, auditorium and offices, all underground. Hopefully, this project will reduce the noise concerns that were voiced previously.

The view towards Camelback Mountain from the David and Gladys Wright House. I suspect you can see that the homes constructed on the mountainside are not your cheapo, cookie-cutter tract homes. There are some real bucks up there. I suspect the view in the 1950s did not include these homes.

To be continued...

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