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Oregon or Bust, Part 4

After a day and night at the Packers' "city house" we ventured to their beach house near Seal Rock. It is a wonderful design (again by an architect) which Steve and Karen built pretty much by themselves, working on weekends. Steve admitted that they occasionally had "Beach House Construction" parties and invited friends to come help with the work. The result is simply fantastic.

The house is nestled on a small wooded hillside overlooking the ocean. They are far enough away from their neighbors and the main road that it is very quiet except for the soothing sounds of the surf.

Not surprisingly, their view of the ocean is spectacular.

A short path through the ferns and other greenery leads one to the beach.

The beach is quite wide here during this time of year. Winter storms will reclaim much of the sand but it always comes back. The water is too cold for swimming (except for the crazy kids in wetsuits) but walks on the beach are mandatory.

Here, the view to the south. Beach grasses help keep the sand in place, minimizing erosion of the hillsides.

Next is the view to the north with a few visible pieces of driftwood dotting the beach. We found enough that an evening bonfire would have been most enjoyable — but unfortunately, we were so busy we couldn't fit it in.

The hillsides are covered with lush vegetation which nicely hides the homes from view. For instance, note the chimney visible at the right edge of the photo — but you can't see much else of the structure.

There are occasional streams that channel rainfall runoff to the ocean. Note the logs and large stones that have come along for the ride.

A second stream mimics the first.

One evening as we relaxed after dinner, the most gorgeous sunset developed. We had to run for our cameras to capture this beauty. Enjoy.

To be continued...

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