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Oregon or Bust, Part 3

Here is the barn which officially, in my humble opinion, makes this an urban farm. Great place to store tools as well as the tractor.

Next to the barn is the apple orchard. They have a variety of apple trees whose apples were still green during our visit in July. However, recent communication showcased a bumper crop that is being eaten, squeezed for cider and made into apple butter. Sorry we missed it.

And nearby is the garden. This brings back memories of when we all lived in Minnesota and all had gardens — which had to be protected from the deer, who love our produce as much as we do.

Well, the wire fencing seems to have saved the produce — here a beautiful clump of tomatoes is ripening on the vine. Try to find that in your local grocery store — ain't gonna happen. BTW, we ate a lot of garden produce during our visit — it was wonderful.

The onions had matured and were pulled out of the ground prior to bringing them into the house. Beautiful.

Here is the destination for all that wonderful fresh garden produce — the kitchen. Looks like something out of HGTV, n'est-pas? Wonderful design — both beautiful and practical.

Just on the other side of the pass-through is the dining room. With the light from the living room windows, the proximity to the kitchen and the nice array of art work on the wall, this is a marvelous spot for dinner.

Looking from the dining room, this is the view of the living room. Steve was taking a moment to check his email on his tablet.

Just beyond the living room is the office. Note the rock wall behind Karen — classic design...

...which is a continuation of the rock wall on the back of the fireplace.

One "enhancement" that Steve and Karen had to add to their home is a number of long ribbons attached to the many, large windows — which are an attempt to warn the birds that there is clear class in their flight path that will give them a nasty headache, should they survive the impact. Steve said it has been partially successful — fewer bird-strikes but not zero.

We end today with this shot of what in most homes would just be another window near the guest bedrooms. But the architect seems to have been so aware of the views in all directions that both his placement of the windows and the design of the landscaping enhances the views. He did an incredible job. I think you'll agree.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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