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Oregon or Bust, Part 2

Continuing the tour of the Packer estate, we see the guest bedroom wing nestled in a lush garden of flowering plants.

Everyone recognizes daisies — simple but beautiful.

On the more elegant end of the spectrum, are lilies. Big showy blossoms with a wonderful fragrance. Karen was cutting them and putting them in vases to bring that outdoor ambience indoors. Love it.

I don't know the name of these flowers but they presented a challenging photographic problem. Their color is so saturated that I had to reduce it in Photoshop in order to see individual flowers. Without that step, it was just a big blur of RED!!!

These look like phlox and fill this area with a cascade of white. Mother nature certainly has a wide palette to paint her masterpieces.

There were a bunch of bumblebees feeding on the bountiful nectar such a profusion of flowers produces. Finally one settled down long enough to capture its portrait.

What are these? Beyond my knowledge of flowers but they remind me of the Death Star. Maybe I have the upcoming Star Wars VII on my mind.

I know these — roses, actually pink roses. There is something about the color and the relative positioning that remind me of fine painted china. Cool.

And here is a reminder that the holiday season is fast approaching. I am sure that Karen and Steve will be out here gathering cuttings for Christmas wreaths for outside and holiday accents for inside. By then, all the berries will have turned bright red and will add such a festive accent to contrast with the dreary weather that normally descends on Portland in the wintertime.

At the edge of their property is another Christmas tree farm with a mature planting. Maybe the neighbors will trade a tree to the Packers for some holly cuttings. Then both estates will festively appointed.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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