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The Biltmore Estate, Part 2

Any property as lavish as the Biltmore Estate must also showcase spectacular grounds — and these do not disappoint. In addition to the very formal statue garden I shared last week, they also have a country trail and a formal flower garden. This wonderful Wisteria marks the beginning of the country trail — a wonderful area to just stroll along and enjoy the beautiful flowers, bushes and trees.

Here we find a spectacular Azalea bush. It is hard to keep walking since you want to just soak in the beauty of these wonderful flowers.

Next I encountered a planting of Bluebells — at least I think that is what they are — and I readily admit to limited expertise in such things.

This photo captures a beautiful red-leaf tree — yep, we quickly reached the limit of my knowledge of trees. I tend to think of red leaves with the approach of winter. However, this image was captured in late April. Also love the bush at the foot of the tree.

I think that this is another Azalea — albeit of a different type than the usual varieties we see each spring in Augusta with the Masters Golf Tournament. Love the multiple colors that showcase the blossoms.

Along the path, a young but beautiful Azalea bush caught my eye.

Next we encounter a mature pink Azalea with its showy blossoms stopping us in our tracks.

Wow, now this is a very impressive Azalea bush which can easily distract us from the time — which we must pay attention to because we have a specific appointment to view the interior of the big house — one shouldn't be late to visit the Vanderbilts.

Finally the trail leads out to the formal flower garden. It was the time for the transition from spring flowers to summer. Note the area where the worker is walking which has been denuded prior to the crew (note them in the right background) planting the new flora.

These looked like Petunias and Pansies which are cold tolerant and a perfect spring flower. I wonder if they will be cleared out for other summer stock.

This clump of Irises are very showy even in white (with yellow accents).

We end the tour, as we started, with another beautiful Wisteria albeit a white variety. Checking my watch, it is time to gather at the main entrance to the home for our grand tour. Sorry that I won't be able to share photos there — strictly forbidden (silly rule, IMHO).

Life is good.

B. David

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