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Georgia On My Mind, Part 10

Continuing our walking tour of Blue Ridge, we encountered a fudge shop. Our late mom loved fudge (and made some wonderful fudge herself) and I fear we inherited those fudge-loving genes. Remarkably, we were able to refrain from indulging — partly because the clerk was not in the shop — and partly because we planned to have lunch shortly and didn't want to spoil our appetites.

This is not fair — another store featuring fudge plus plenty of other sweet treats. Walk on.

Here was an interesting log-cabin shop offering everything one needs to go hiking and camping in Northern Georgia — a favorite activity for both locals and tourists.

Between the shops I found some lovely pansies — one of the early signs of spring — this being in March. Their cute little faces always look so cheerful.

Harvest on Main, a restaurant, sits above a little alley with additional shops. We'll be back for one of them later in this visit.

Wow! A old brick building complete with painted signs advertising chewing tobacco and cigars. Don't care for the products but love the old-time look of this place, which happens to be a small grocery.

The Clock Tower Building houses a restaurant and several shops. The building is modern but the design is classic.

Here is a shot of the clock tower itself without the utility lines blocking the view.

Next was the Blue Ridge Fly Fishing shop proudly flying the American flag. With a profusion of creeks in Northern Georgia, it is not surprising that fly fishing is another favorite activity in addition to hiking and camping.

Ah finally, we reached the restaurant where we were going to have lunch. It was sort of a combination sports and rock bar, Georgia-style. Lots of artifacts from both activities. I ordered a huge cheeseburger with mushrooms and it was wonderful.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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