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Georgia On My Mind, Part 9

Blue Ridge, Georgia is a small country town, population 1,290, not far from Blairsville. It may be small but it boasts the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway which offers round-trip excursions to the quaint sister towns of McCaysville, Georgia and Copperhill, Tennessee. After a two-hour stopover for lunch and shopping, riders then return to their starting point in Blue Ridge.

According to Wikipedia, Blue Ridge is also home to one of the few remaining drive-in theaters in North Georgia, the Swan. We did not encounter it but according to their website, they are now showing Jurassic World and Pitch Perfect 2.

The railway's rolling stock seems to have quite a history as evidenced by this decal. Longtime readers may recall some time ago that I shared photos from the Flagler Mansion in Palm Beach, Florida — and that Henry Flagler gained much of his wealth from the railroad that carried his name.

Workers were servicing the cars for the trip scheduled later in the day.

However, we had already decided to save the railway excursion for a later trip so no need to visit the ticket office today.

Also at the station was a visitor center — we only saw it from the outside but I presume it houses exhibits and souvenirs. Note that it was built out of an old rail car.

The town of Blue Ridge is home to many shops and restaurants. Our plan was to just explore and browse — plus lunch.

Many of the town's buildings appear to be quite old such as this brick structure containing a couple of shops.

I was really taken by the old doors on one older structure. From the discoloration, I am guessing that the lower part of the doors have experienced more weathering than the top. The upper part suggests what the entire entryway looked like some years ago. My inclination would be to refinish the frame and the doors. Refinished woodwork plus the beautiful leaded glass — that would be awesome!

Even newer structures were designed to share that classic look of small-town Americana.

Of course, being Georgia, a very nice Magnolia tree stood in the central park.

The park also featured a gazebo which could potentially be used as a mini-bandstand to celebrate Independence Day and other holidays.

To be continued...

Life is good.

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