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Georgia On My Mind, Part 3

Resuming our tour of northern Georgia, now a year and a half after the previous photos, these are from April of this year. After moving into their new home, it did not take long for Janie and Danny to realize that they needed a bit of light in the front yard at night. Those of us who live in crowded city areas take it for granted that there will be street lights to illuminate the neighborhood. Not so out in the country. Danny, being incredibly handy, build this light complete with light sensor so it is only shines at night.

And look how this apple tree has grown — a year ago it was barely more than a twig. It had about a dozen blossoms which appeared to have been pollinated and are starting to grow real apples. I would expect that only a few of those proto-apples make it into eating size — the tree is still quite young. But in a few years, watch out! Especially since there is now a wire fence protecting the tree and its fruit from hungry deer.

New landscaping — in this case a Japanese Maple Tree. They are so beautiful although this one is still so small we'd have to call it "cute".

Another new fixture, a short fence which was really installed to support blackberry runners. Instead of picking blackberries growing wild, they can now just walk outside, pick a few berries and put them on their cereal or, even better, ice cream.

Landscaping is now installed in front of the porch which greatly improves the curb appeal — at least for the few folks who venture down their private lane.

Just on the edge of the woods, they have mounted a bird feeder. The cable supports are long and sheathed in plastic pipe in order to prevent squirrels from getting to the bird seed — and even if they can get to the feeder, the opening is spring loaded to close due to the weight of the squirrels — birds weigh less and thus do not close the opening. Bird feeder designers have to be very clever when it comes to squirrels. Unfortunately, the squirrels are even more clever and seem to be able to find a way around the best feeder designs — even this one. What can you say, we try.

Nearby is an anemometer to give us an idea of wind conditions. This day was calm but we saw it spinning wildly on several occasions during my visit.

Out back are several tomato plants — this one has just set it first blossoms. These plants will be planted very soon and in a month or two, a bounty of tomatoes will be forthcoming. We city-dwellers can only salivate in envy because these tomatoes will be so much more tasty than what we find in the local grocery store.

In this staging area are flats of plants for the garden. I may have to schedule another visit just to see how their garden grows.

Out by the lane, are three Rhododendron plants with their gorgeous blossoms. They always make me think of Augusta National Golf Club, home of the Masters because the Rhododendrons are in full bloom during the golf tournament each spring, along with Azaleas, Dogwoods, Camellias, Wisteria and many others. Interestingly, these shrubs were not planted by Janie and Danny but by their neighbor just a bit down the road. Country folk do that sort of thing for each other — I love it.

To be continued...

Life is good.

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