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Georgia On My Mind, Part 2

My sister and brother-in-law purchased a wonderful six-acre lot located down this gravel road. There are only three homes on this road so they enjoy a measure of privacy which we city-dwellers cannot even imagine. My first night here on this year's trip I could not sleep because it was so quiet that I was kept awake by a tick, tick, tick. I discovered that the noise was coming from a clock in my bedroom — I removed the battery and then it was totally silent and I fell asleep almost instantly.

And voilà, here is their newly constructed dream retirement home as it appeared a year ago. Today, the shrubs are a bit bigger and there are more of them. Additionally, there are now chicken wire barriers around the apple trees (the tiny tree just left of center is one) to protect them from the deer. One Honeycrisp, one Fuji and one Pink Lady — if memory serves me well. I hope to be invited back once the apples are ready to harvest (which may be a few years from now).

Inside, a lovely foyer welcomes the occasional guest to the homestead. BTW, like our mom, Janie is a quilter and there are a number of quilts on display or in use on the beds.

The old-fashion schooldesk could be considered a tribute to our maternal grandmother who taught elementary school — three grades in one classroom in the tiny town of Snow Hill which also served (and still does) as the county seat for Worcester County, MD.

The main part of the house is a great room with tall ceilings and incorporates the entrance, kitchen and living room. It also provides a computer desk for my visits.

In the living room area is comfortable seating to watch television with a nice fire burning in fireplace on those chilly northern-Georgia nights. BTW, that is our late father sitting watching TV — I think this is the last photo of him that I took prior to his death a few months later.

Outside is a massive deck just perfect for viewing deer, birds and squirrels or just watching the world go by.

Here is the view from the deck. On the warmer days, they spend a lot of time out here.

Next is the view from the deck looking to the back of their property.

Looking from that corner of the back area, the whole house stands proudly, dominating the estate. There have been a number of landscaping improvements since this photo was taken, making it all the more inviting.

The forest in this area of Georgia was logged years ago — removing the original pine trees, which Mother Nature replaced with new growth which has completely taken over. That path is an old logging trail.

On the garage side of the house is the site for the new workshop. It was only in Danny's mind when this photo was taken but has now been completed — and she's a beauty. It is the size of a small barn and designed with a place for every tool, accessory and supply known to Man.

Also in this direction is an adjoining lot which they have purchased and thus expanded the estate to seven and a half acres.

We will close today with a shot of holly. I grew up in Maryland where holly grows wild and it appears to be common in Georgia as well — at least, in this part of northern Georgia. Love it — especially around Christmas when the red berries appear.

Life is good.

B. David

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