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Georgia On My Mind, Part 1

About a year and a half ago, my sister and brother-in-law moved into their retirement dream home in Union County, GA outside Blairsville. It is a small community with only 566 residents (as of 2013) — Union County only has 21,566 residents or maybe 21,568 if we add Janie and Danny. As with many older small towns, the town hall sits in the very center, many with a roundabout surrounding it.

I love to visit my family but this trip had a dual purpose — visiting, of course, but also to care for my dad, who was living with Janie and Danny, so that they could take a brief vacation — continuing a three-times-a-year tradition since Mom became ill and our parents moved in with Janie and Danny when they lived in Florida. As I have already mentioned, Mom died in 2009 and Dad in 2014.

These photos are obviously a year and a half old but other photographic journeys delayed their publication — until now when I am visiting again.

And what town hall would be complete without a cupola or clock tower at its highest point?

And for the kids, Linus' most sincere pumpkin patch also shared the town center.

Nearby is the Community Center which also houses the Butternut Creek Golf Clubhouse. Buildings in small towns often do multiple duties.

The golf course itself is beautiful — of course during the fall, the grass starts to lose its color while the trees gain theirs. The timing of my trip was just off — the height of the leaf color was a week or so earlier.

However, some trees still attempted a spectacular show.

Golf was still being played. They play all year round although they may miss a few days due to the occasional winter snowfall.

One of the trees on the golf course had an interesting mixture of summer and fall colors.

These golfers were not deterred by the cool weather. Even with brown grass, they appear to be having a great time.

Some of the landscaping plants outside the golf shop certainly seemed to be cooperating...

... with nice splashes of color.

We'll end today with a magnificent red-leafed tree — looks like a maple to me.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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