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LEGO Kids Fest, Part 2

In addition to the Star Wars characters, the artists of LEGO gave us Disney's Pixar characters such as Lightening McQueen, star of Cars and Cars 2. I love the little boy to the right who seems to be telling his dad, "I want this".

Of course, no collection of Pixar characters would be complete without Buzz Lightyear and Woody from the Toy Story movies.

There were also figures of animals such as this giraffe, ...

... zebra, ...

... tiger ...

... and shark. Amazing that these kids do not have the slightest fear about going into the shark's mouth. I guess you call them "fish food".

Wow! Groot and Rocket from the Guardians of the Galaxy. That was certainly a fun movie.

Next is Smaug, the dragon from The Hobbit.

Ah, one of my childhood heroes, Batman — standing atop one of the buildings of Gotham City. Love the gargoyles that seemed to decorate most of the city's buildings.

Of course, Batman did not have any super powers and had to depend on spectacular hardware such as his Batcycle with side car for Robin.

"Look — up in the sky — it's a bird — it's a plane — no, it's Superman." He was another one of my childhood heroes.

Last for today is the Hulk — in anger mode.

To be continued...

Life is good.

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