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ZooLights, Part 3

In some locations within the zoo, multiple trees with different colored lights overlap to create a stunning effect.

Sometimes they line the lagoon with wonderful reflections making the whole landscape absolutely charming.

Watch out! A dolphin just leaped out of the lagoon! And I though most dolphins required salt water. Perhaps this is one of those fresh water dolphins that inhabit the rivers of South America and South Asia.

But rabbits are everywhere. I'll bet there are twice as many next year.

This animal appears to be some type of African antelope such as a Gemsbok. Your guess is as good as mine.

This animatronic giraffe was a big hit with the kids. They would talk to him or ask questions and he would respond as he turned and looked at the kids asking the questions.

Here we encounter a different style of lighting than we have seen previously, rather like a star burst.

Love this huge tree standing by itself, dressed in green lights. Notice the giraffe in the distance.

More mixed trees — just so magical.

Another huge tree — this one dressed in blue.

Along the bridge where we enter and exit, water bugs stand on the surface — although these bugs also change color and brightness continuously.

Last but not least — one of the special treats of ZooLights is the light show set to music played out in the scenic setting of the lagoon. I took a long series of photos with my camera on the tripod — only to realize when I returned home that I could create a video with those shots. Add a little music and you can get the flavor of being there. Maybe by next year I will have figured out how to use movie mode in my camera and give you the real thing.

(Click on the image below to see the video performance.)

Farewell ZooLights. See you next year.

Life is good.

B. David

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