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ZooLights, Part 2

This is such a magical place — it offers splendid scenes in every direction — here, along the edge of the lagoon one finds palm trees welcoming the holidays.

Nearby was a new treat, a tree decorated with illuminated bulbs that changed color as you gazed at them.

A close-up — if you watch carefully you may imagine the effect.

Next a red tree and a green tree that seemed to dance together on this cool night.

Followed by a two-tone purple and green tree.

But I really loved this tree fully silhouetted in red.

Next the mythical wizard, dragon and frog prince...

...followed by the equally mythical unicorn.

Another wonderful single-hued tree.

This tree held big balls of lights, sufficient to light up the branches and leaves.

This tree has its lights strung like a spider web.

And this tree has complementary lights at its base and in the distance.

In 1997, our family experienced the magic of ZooLights in a very special way. Kona's daughter and her boyfriend came to visit during the later stages of Kona's battle with ovarian cancer. While Jiyoung went shopping for a few groceries, Brad showed us THE RING and asked Kona's permission to marry her daughter. Of course, Kona said "Yes".

But Brad did not have an idea where to "pop the question" — so I suggested ZooLights.

They went, he asked, she said "Yes" — a moment all of us will always remember. When they returned home, Jiyoung held out her hand so I could see the ring and said, "YOU KNEW!!!" Yes, Kona and I both knew and were so happy for them. Sadly, Kona did not live long enough to attend the wedding but she was certainly with us in spirit.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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