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Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships, Part 4

I was still wandering about looking for polo ponies when I encountered this incredible specimen of the automotive arts. Obviously from the sign (and the logo) this is a Bentley. It was only at the moment I saw this vehicle that I realized that the "Bentley" in the name of the event was the Bentley automobiles. They are the title sponsor.

Bentley used to be part of Rolls Royce but is now owned by Volkswagen. However, their cars are not priced like a VW, this one goes for $234,475.00.

Nearby was a row of cars that I did not recognize for sure — and had to check the logo on the front. Lamborghini! If you have to ask the price (as I would) you cannot afford one. I do not know models but a 2014 Lamborghini Huracan is listed by the Scottsdale dealer for $271,445.00.

Even their wheels are elegant with a price to match. Lamborghini wheels go for around $1,400 each. Yep, out of my league.

But they are handsome cars. This one is similar to one in a previous photo but with strikingly different headlights.

You can tell these are expensive vehicles when a real cop (not a rent-a-cop) is standing nearby to make sure you don't scratch one, much less try to make off with it.

Curiously, when I first examined this photo, I though there were defects in the paint finish on the hood. Nope, those are clouds reflected in the high polish applied to such a fine machine.

Now, this is more my style — a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air. A restored version can go for upwards of $110,000.00. Perhaps my style but still not in my price range.

Those were the days of my youth when big fins were in — and we loved them. I was not old enough to drive but our heads still turned when one drove by.

One interesting detail on the '57 Chevy was the location of the fuel filler tube. It is discretely hidden behind the chrome door (lower section) of the driver's side tail fin.

This restoration is complete with the fuzzy dice that were popular at the time. The owner also installed a Hurst shifter even though the vehicle sports an automatic transmission.

These cars are not show cars but the owners paid extra to allow them to tailgate on the edge of the polo grounds. Most set up tables and seats so they could enjoy their picnic lunches while they watched the matches.

One tailgater arrived late then found great difficulty getting through the mud and to their assigned spot.

To be continued...

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