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Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships, Part 1

I saw an ad in the newspaper for the Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships and, since I have never been to a polo match, I thought that it would be an interesting photography expedition. It was being held at West World in Scottsdale just before Halloween — so on the appointed day (actually first day of the two-day championship) I headed north. Upon arrival, I parked my car and began the walk to the polo grounds only to encounter the unexpected.

It seems that West World was also staging a nightly haunted house to scare the kids for Halloween. Outside was a collection of monsters. This one was particularly scary.

I figured it was a good idea to keep ones' distance from these monsters — especially since it appeared that many of them were animated, although not during the daytime while I was there.

After examining a number of these monsters, I concluded that they were outside the haunted tent so this was apparently the appetizer for the fright to follow inside. Since the tent was closed during the day, I did not have the change to explore inside.

Some of the animatronic figures included a second figure, a victim — hopefully that would keep the monsters occupied and leave us unharmed.

I could not figure out the scare factor on this giant troll. Ugly, yes — frightening? Not so much.

This appeared to a a version of sasquatch — who had captured his victim and ripped him in half. It reminded me of those beef jerky commercials, "Messing with Sasquatch". Some guys never learn.

I guessed this figure to be a zombie coming after our brains. No thanks, I still need mine.

Last and certainly not least, was this hideous beast. These were certainly not the cute monsters from Monsters, Inc. Oh well, time to walk on over to the polo grounds.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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