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Maui: Morning Walk, Part 1

One of my absolute favorite things to do when I am on Maui is my morning walk. In the past, I have shared a few of the scenic spots along this walk so I hope you will indulge me in wonderful memories plus updated photos taken by my newish Nikon D800.

The birds start chirping even before the sun peeks over the West Maui Mountains — for me, signaling time to get up — I do not want to waste a minute of my precious time on Maui. I then look out through the sliding glass door to check the weather — today looks gorgeous. It has a special feeling like the entire landscape was cleaned thoroughly overnight (like the overnight cleaning done nightly at Disneyland) then misted with the light scent of tropical plumeria, tuberose and pikake blossoms. Use all your senses to take it in.

It is still early and the hungry diners have not yet lined up to sample the wonderful breakfasts at the Gazebo (do put it on your "must do" list when you visit Maui). The scenery is wonderful as my favorite dish — the macadamia nut, coconut and pineapple pancakes — one of each type and so big that it is a challenge to finish your meal.

I put on my walking (used to be running but these old knees can't take it anymore) clothes and shoes — then out the door. At the bottom of the stairs, I am greeted by this gecko who appears to be regenerating a lost tail.

I look out toward the ocean to discover that Moloka‘i is only lightly covered with clouds. In fact, the peak of Kamakou in the East Moloka‘i mountains is clear this morning — a special treat that does not occur that often.

My path goes between the buildings on the far side of Napili Shores then up Napili Place. The resorts on both sides of this road are short on parking — a problem which is exacerbated when hungry patrons come for breakfast at the Gazebo.

Up toward Lower Honoapi‘ilani Road is a vacant lot that used to contain an old plantation-style home that was very much in disrepair. It was torn down but some of the vegetation remains — here some lovely purple Bougainvillea. Every visit, I expect to see new construction on the site — the property is too valuable to remain as a vacant lot forever.

I say "aloha" to Napili Shores for a while...

...as I walk along Lower Honoapi‘ilani Road being careful to watch for traffic when crossing the narrow bridge at this spot.

The resort in the previous photo and this one is One Napili Way. I mention it because it is one of the most unique condos that I am aware of. All units contain three bedrooms and two bathrooms. They are now timeshare units but what makes them unique is the fact that they are rented as one-, two- or three-bedroom units (obviously with different rental rates). They lock up the bedrooms that you are not renting (so you don't cheat, I guess) but both bathrooms are available to the renter. Additionally, the sofa bed adds additional sleeping space so quite a large family can stay here comfortably.

Just beyond is another vacant lot (or as the sign details a pair of vacant lots) for sale for use as a hotel or condominium. $1.4 Million for less than one acre of land!!! Yes, Maui real estate can be quite expensive. Just out of curiosity I checked online with the listing company's website and I could not find it. Perhaps someone came up with that $1.4M. It wasn't me — that's for sure.

More bougainvillea stands tall on that same vacant lot.

I am constantly amazed that cactus grows in Hawai‘i — both in dry areas (and there are plenty) and wet areas (Napili tends to be moderately wet). This succulent's flower looks like some kind of sea monster about to devour a jellyfish.

Next along the road is a small shopping center which includes a "general store", Snorkel Bob's dive shop and Head to Toe beauty salon. These shops turn out to be quite handy. A few years ago, I took a photography workshop on Moloka‘i (long-time readers may recall) and I decided to take the ferry from there to Maui. Problematically, the ferry arrives after the Hertz office in Lahaina closes. (The Hertz office at the main airport at Kahului is open 24x7 but it is too far from Lahaina to make picking up a car from there practical and affordable.) I took a taxi to the condo but needed a few groceries — so I walked to this Napili General Store. It is like a 7-Eleven on the mainland — convenient but relatively expensive.

Today, no reason to stop so I continue on my morning walk.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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