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Lana‘i: Pineapple Festival, Part 2

One of the delights afforded the visitor to Hawai‘i is the opportunity to see the keikis (children) — they are so incredibly cute. This little girl was in her father's arms at their booth (Mama was selling jewelry). I did get their email address and sent them a copy.

Dole Park has a playground for the kids — which they seemed to find more interesting than the food, crafts and entertainment.

This little girl could not quite decide what she wanted to do — but she was so cute doing nothing, I had to take her picture.

There were a number of booths set up for public service purposes. For example, the Lana`i Culture & Heritage Center was inviting folks to view old photos of Lana‘i, trying to identify people and places. There is keen appreciation for local history of the island.

I made one major mistake that day. When we arrived on Lana‘i, it was several hours before the festival was scheduled to start — so we went to the Blue Ginger Cafe (a local favorite) for lunch. However, I should have waited for lunch because there were so many food vendors with such a wonderful variety of culinary delights.

Teriyaki chicken or barbecued hot dogs anyone?

The food vendors were so friendly and quite happy to allow me to take photographs of them and their food.

Such a variety — can I have one of each?

This was new to me — sweet black rice. A bit of research online revealed that "Biko biko" is Filipino sweet sticky rice made with sweet rice (of course), brown sugar, coconut milk and coconut cream. I still kick myself for eating lunch — I missed out on sampling all these delicacies.

Now these look familiar. Toward the end of the day, they were handling out free samples — oh, so good.

It took a moment to recognize what this guy was making — crêpes. I was told later that he worked at one of the two Four Seasons hotels on Lana‘i and makes these wonderful delicacies professionally.

In addition to the food booths, they had a cooking competition — not unlike some of the cooking shows on cable. The MC kept up the banter but I could tell the judges were greatly looking forward to sampling the results — just check the grin on the guy in the gray t-shirt!

Funny but the kids do not really care about all the fancy food — just give them some cotton candy and they are happy.

To be continued...

Life is good.

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