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Maui Sugar Cane Train Is Pau

The Lahaina, Ka‘anapali and Pacific Railroad (AKA "The Sugar Cane Train") has ceased operation as of August 1 after some 45 years of service. This is sad news for those of us who love Hawaiian history. If you would like to revisit the journey aboard the Sugar Cane Train from my 2013 trip, please click here and here.

I am sure many folks will wonder why the closure. My speculation is simply lack of revenue due to decreased ridership. The sugar cane and pineapples fields are gone and replaced by upscale residences. The track runs past roads packed with tourist traffic and the scenic vistas include the high-rise jungle of Ka‘anapali Beach. It is definitely not "old Hawai‘i".

A friend on Maui told me that they are looking into the possibility of a non-profit organization taking over the operation. I hope so, but they still would face the same revenue problems unless they can find an additional source of funds.

Maui Sugar Cane Train, R.I.P.

Life is good but sometimes sad.

B. David

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