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Desert Botanical Garden: Chihuly, Part 5

One of the stellar pieces of the Chihuly exhibit was "Summer Sun" — a creation consisting of some 2,000 red, orange and yellow glass streamers. One of my favorites.

It really fit in the Arizona landscape, a place so much fashioned by the sun.

And when our sun dropped below the horizon, Chihuly's was just getting started.

Floating in a small pond were the "Blue Crystals" which looked like small icebergs recently calved in the Arctic.

At night, they seemed to take on an almost sinister look — watch out you unsinkable ships!

Next up, the "Black Niijima Floats". They reminded me of the glass floats used by Japanese fisherman — and perhaps, that was the artist's intention.

What Chihuly actually said, "I've never done anything like the Floats. They are probably the most monumental-looking, since there's no reminiscence of a container shape. Just because they are so big, the Floats are technically, or let's say physically, the most difficult things that we have ever done. Even though a sphere or a ball is about the easiest form you can make in glass, when you get to this scale, up to forty inches in diameter, it becomes extremely difficult."

I absolutely love the nighttime images — a whole different experience.

Jutting out of the dessert soil as if they were growing from this spot were the "Jade and Crimson Thorns".

The details are so exquisite that one must get closer to see them — either physically (not allowed) or with a zoom lens. I cannot imagine the number of steps required to form these stalks — but well worth the effort.

And at night, WOW! But I'll let the photo do the rest of the talking.

To be continued...

Life is good.

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