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Maui: Johnny Beach Boy

Longtime readers of LAHP will recall that my daily routine on Maui includes a morning walk along the shoreline at Kapalua followed by a hike up the hill where lies the Kapalua Bay Course. One morning during this visit, I asked Johnny if he wanted to walk with me (knowing that he would probably not want to walk the full route). He agreed. We walked as far as Kapalua Beach and found this beautiful morning scene with virtually no waves and very few beachgoers.

By the way, this is where the one end of the rainbow (seen in last week's LAHP) touched the earth. We did not find the pot of gold but this view is a almost as valuable.

Johnny decided he wanted to get his feet wet. Then a tiny wave came and got his swim suit wet (he was already dressed to hit the beach for swimming, even though that was planned for later). Then he stepped into the small drop-off and got even more wet. Pretty soon he was wet all over.

Thus step by step, wave by wave the walk evolved into a morning swim.

Since I was dressed in shorts and t-shirt, I insisted that Johnny stay in the shallows since I did not want to have to dive in after him if he got into trouble. He had fun and I enjoyed watching him have fun.

After walking back to the condo for a bit of breakfast and for me to change into my swimsuit, we walked the short distance to Napili Bay. He was in the water in a flash.

His dad's former house had a pool so Johnny learned to swim at an early age and we do not have to worry about him as long as he does not do anything crazy.

Although we have a swimming pool just a few steps from our home in Phoenix, the ocean is very different and so much fun for a young one. He could spend the whole day in the water.

After a while he grabbed his swim goggles and started hunting for interesting tiny shells. There were lots of them and Johnny collected a small box of them that were so treasured that they had to be taken with us when we flew home from Maui.

It is amazing how a small kid can have so much fun in just a few inches of ocean water.

So many shells, so little time. And so much attention required by adults to make sure that a small wave is not more than he can handle.

A bit later, Mizuki joined us and Johnny had a ball with her.

But the greatest fun is not the adults but the other kids at the beach. It does not matter where they are from, what their race or ethnicity, who their parents are or even how skilled they are in the water — kids are kids and can find common ground in playing on a beautiful beach on a lovely sunny day on Maui. The only downside? "Johnny, we have to go home". "Aw, do we have to?"

Life is good.

B. David

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