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Maui: County Fair, Part 1

Johnny's trip to Maui was timed to coincide with his fall break from school. With luck on our side, the Maui Fair was scheduled for the first weekend of his visit. What can be better for any eight-year-old than a week off school to be spent on Maui with a County Fair thrown in?

The great thing about any County Fair is the joy on kids' faces as they ride the carousel — and the joy in the photographer's heart if he can capture it in the camera.

Bumper Cars date back to the 1920s and have thrilled kids ever since. So much fun to drive your car into someone else's — especially when they are not looking and you catch them by surprise. Gotcha!

Ah, the Pharaoh's Curse. Too much for Johnny — can't say I blame him — too much for me too.

And of course, what kid wouldn't want to go around in a tight circle at high speeds with loud music masking out his screams?

One look at this ride, where you are lifted up into the air about 15 feet then dropped back down, was enough to send Johnny elsewhere looking for fun.

Certainly, the slide where you sit on a burlap bag and stay in your channel is a lot more fun. He had to do this one several times.

I love the mix of people you find at the County Fair — my guess is Grandpa and Granddaughter. Look at those young eyes — they can barely take it all in.

Not bumper cars but a car that flings the rider around the ends. It still brings a big smile to Johnny's face and that's what it's all about.

Eventually, even the hardiest fairgoer must stop for a bit of nourishment — perhaps some teriyaki chicken and rice. And he is never very far from his favorite videos or games on his iPhone.

How cute — identically dressed sisters — trying to take in all the sights that the County Fair has to offer. What shall we do next?

Last, but certainly not least, a bubble gun — a souvenir of the 2013 Maui County Fair that could be taken home and played with. It seemed like every kid in the Fair had one — bubbles everywhere!

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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