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The Big Island: North Kohala, Part 2

Continuing to explore North Kohala, I encountered this young man who happens to be a fire fighter here. He was checking out the surf at Keokea Beach. Honestly, to me it did not look that good. He left without putting his board in the water. I guess his expert opinion matched my own.

It is called Keokea Beach but it really did not look very inviting, as beaches go. The rocks formed this "boat ramp" of a beach. I guess that would work for the kids but nothing special for adults. Although it would make it easier to enter the water with a surfboard.

On the other hand, the view from Keokea Beach was quite appealing, in my humble opinion.

Especially looking in this direction where Mauna Kea provides a beautiful backdrop to the far end of the Keokea inlet.

Much of the nearby area has been and continues to be used for farming and ranching. Here a wind farm. Hawai`i is known for its steady trade winds — so wind power is a natural here.

Right across the road from the wind farm was a cattle ranch. The wind turbines did not seem to bother the cattle.

And these goats seemed to be more spooked by me and my camera than the wind turbines.

Nearby Kapa`a Park shows a remnant of the old ranching days. I suspect this water tower was used to provide water for cattle or any other grazing animals raised here.

The Beach is very rocky, presenting a challenge to get into and out of the surf.

However, the black lava rocks still provide a very scenic view.

To be continued...

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