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Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, Part 3

I mentioned last week that we were entertained by an explanation of the halter competition. Just outside the tented arena where this competition was being held was this guy who prepares the horses for the big show. His helpers sounded noise makers to wake up the horse and make it alert. I guess you do not want a drowsy horse being shown in the arena.

At the other end of that same arena, competitors are getting their horses ready, each in their own way. This horse did not seem to want to play nice — maybe it was its first competition.

Another competitor was having better luck — his horse seemed quite calm and ready for the show. By the way, we were told that even the horse's stance is important — looks like that is what they may be practicing.

This handler seems to be constantly jerking on the halter — as if she was not happy with exactly what the horse was doing. Come to think of it, I have seen mothers doing the same thing to their kids at Safeway.

In another covered arena, this rider seemed to be having a great time — and the horse seemed to enjoy it as well. No way to know if she was getting ready for competition, a horse sale or just enjoying the day.

This rider was definitely getting ready for competition. Beautiful, well-trained horse and nice outfit.

Meanwhile in one of the outside arenas, there was mostly mud — but that did not stop the trainers from giving their horses a bit of exercise.


This horse was being exercised in a covered arena and the saddles suggests to me that it was being warmed up for some competition. Something like football players doing jumping jacks before the big game.

In this arena, the jumping competition. Please forgive the mediocre picture quality — the arena was not lit so all the light was coming from the sides — yet I had to use a reasonably fast shutter speed to avoid blurring.

Here I caught this horse with all four legs off the ground. It reminds me of the pose of some carved horses on a carousel.

Just outside the arena, riders and horses are getting ready for competition.

And in the same area I spotted a very young competitor who seems to have already expended all the energy she had to offer. I love this picture.

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