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Las Vegas: The Strip, Evening

As part of the Photoshop World Conference, attendees were invited to go on an afternoon or evening photo walk. I signed up early for the evening walk since space was limited to about 45 photographers. So off we went, meeting first outside New York, New York.

This time of day (just after sunset) is called "the golden hour" by photographers because we love the quality of light — it provides some very nice photo opportunities such as looking back at the Mandalay Bay.

Across the street sits the Tropicana, one of the vintage hotels on the Strip. Of course, what self-respecting photographer would fail to catch the artistically repeating pattern of uncounted identical windows looking out over the Nevada desert.

With sundown, the lights start to come on and staring us in the face was one of the signs for New York, New York. The lights turn off and on in rhythmic patterns, so one has to take several shots and pick the best.

And many of our group captured the Statue of Liberty, Las Vegas-style — as did many tourists with their point-and-shoot cameras while wondering what all these photographers with big cameras, bigger lenses and tripods were doing.

An architectural copy of Grand Central Station sits atop one entrance to the hotel and casino.

And I did like the Empire State Building at this time of day. The lights are starting to come on, adding accent to the fading ambient light. Quite cool.

And that extends to the NYC skyline, albeit in miniature.

Extending my zoom lens to 300mm, I was able to capture a nice image of the top of the Chrysler Building.

The elevated crosswalks provide a perfect perch for a dramatic shot of the Strip as the lights are on in full bloom. Even my little buddy, Johnny, recognized this familiar sight.

As the sky darkens, the Excalibur provides a Disney-esce look to their entrance.

Forgive me for returning to the spot where Lady Liberty stands — but the almost-night lighting provided another beautiful portrait.

To be continued.


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