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Jerome, Arizona - Gold Mine & Ghost Town, Part 1

A few weeks ago, I went on a photo safari with a friend to the town of Jerome. I have visited there previously (click here and here for the LAHP back issues) but only toured the town. I did not know about the Gold Mine and Ghost Town that is part tourist trap and part historical museum.

The windmill is a photographic requirement and there were many photographers that day — I suspect every one got a similar shot.

Here we encountered a saw mill powered by a slow revving internal combustion engine. It was about two seconds between cycles — with a loud explosion of exhaust gas at the end of each. At first I assumed it was a steam engine because of the slow speed and the exhausting of the waste byproducts — but closer examination proved otherwise.

We talked to the operator, asking why they had painted half of the flywheel yellow. To our surprise, it was not recently painted but cleaned — revealing the yellow paint under all that grime — although only half of the wheel had been cleaned so far.

Scattered about the property was a huge collection of old trucks...

and mining equipment — mostly no longer in operating condition. This is what Greg and I came to photograph — and a rich photographic environment it is. If you would like to see some of Greg's photos from our outing, click here and begin with photo number 17. You'll note that Greg used HDR in Photoshop to give his photos that particular look (some people love it, some hate it — it seems no one rates it simply "okay").

Here an old roller. As a kid we always called them "steam rollers" although even 60 years ago, they were probably powered by internal combustion engines, not steam.

But there was something about this old dump truck that really got my creative juices flowing. We all have our favorites and this is mine.

In a nearby barn, I spotted a truck bed that looked quite familiar — which was confirmed when I noticed the "Packard" label on the side of the seat. It brought back memories of the visit that my dad and I took to the Antique Car Museum in Fort Lauderdale.

In addition to all the derelict vehicles and machinery, there are a number of small buildings which were used during the mining days. Here is where you went when your tooth hurt.

They promised "painless" but I suspect a miner would have to be hurting pretty bad to wonder in. It made me think back to dentistry when I was a kid — like the slow-speed drills using elastic cords running over pulleys to spin the bit (too slowly). And my childhood dentist did not offer Novocaine. My how times have changed — for the better.

This is the interior of the one-room school house. My grandmother taught several grades (I seem to recall three) in a similar, albeit larger school room. Without air conditioning, it must have been very hard to keep the kids focused on their lessons.

To be continued...

Life is good.

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