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Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi - Part 2

Continuing our Water Taxi tour of Fort Lauderdale's canals, we encounter the "World Famous" Jungle Queen Riverboat. I remember their sightseeing cruise from my high school days — it seems they still tour the waterways then take their guests to an Indian village. It was fun at the time and I expect that one would still find it enjoyable. I did notice online that they are now offering a BBQ dinner cruise with ribs, chicken and shrimp served on their "private island".

More homes of the rich and/or famous. I rather liked this one — attractive architecture including the Moorish arches and the spanish colonial window (could have been taken from my Community at the Pointe at South Mountain).

Just because the owner has money does not guarantee that they have good tastes. This one just looks so blah to me — nothing special. Your opinion may differ.

This home must be fairly new as evidenced by the braces for the palm trees. Either that or they are enhancing their landscaping.

Some yachts have sails — which is more to my liking. But with champagne tastes and a beer budget, all I can do is look.

I certainly would not mind this home. The architecture is nothing special but I really like the landscaping.

This home is named the "White House", according to our guide — for obvious reasons. Supposedly, it is the most photographed home on the waterways.

Here is another property I would be happy to accept. I like the repeating patterns in the architecture — roof peaks, arches, pillars, railing posts, etc.

A friend, commenting on the yachts in last week's LAHP, was not very impressed. Perhaps this one will satisfy. The tour guide said it belonged to Mikhail Prokhorov, the Russian billionaire who owns the NBA Brooklyn Nets (formerly the New Jersey Nets). However, a quick Google search suggests that, while impressive, it has a different owner.

Note that this home is for sale. If you have aspirations of living four feet above sea level in Fort Lauderdale, please do not miss this opportunity.

Here is another jaw-dropping property. It looks like a condominium but the tour guide assured us that the entire estate is owned by one family. Maybe they would consider adopting us.

Another fine example of Spanish Colonial Architecture as interpreted in Florida. Actually, this residence would look quite at home next to a golf course in Arizona.

We disembarked at our starting point — greeted upon our return by this friendly tugboat. I am sure the kids get a kick out of this one.


Life is good.

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