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Record Shots: Kapalua Uphill

Kapalua offers luxury accommodations plus what I would call "semi-luxury accommodations". The condominiums, which Kapalua calls "villas", are very nice — although, in my opinion, not quite up to the standard of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and The Residences. Regardless, the grounds of the entire resort are something to behold. And behold them I do every morning during my jog/walk.

At the base of Office Road is a small chapel which used to house a functioning church but is now used primarily for weddings. For the record, my oldest slides (now in storage — one day I'll find the time to scan them all) show changes in the paint job — at one time plantation green and white — at another plantation red and white. But what a fabulous place to get married — no ka oi.

Uphill on Office Road is the Honolua Store — unchanged since my previous visit two years earlier but much changed over the years. I even recall when they had gasoline pumps in front of the store — good thing, it was miles to the nearest gas station.

Ah, the beauty of the Kapalua Bay Course. Unfortunately, golf is now so expensive, I can only look — but it makes the uphill part of my jog/walk so very pleasant.

The shot above was taken very close to where the one below was taken — the latter is from a book that was distributed to travel agents when the Kapalua Rockresort and the accompanying golf course were brand new (as I recall it was during the mid- to late-1960s). What a difference! Incidentally, the Bay Course was designed by Arnold Palmer together with Francis Duane — and this book also offers a photo of "the King" looking out over the newly created course.

The Cook Pines seen here are the same ones as above — albeit somewhat more mature.

Nearby is the merchandise warehouse area. These old buildings are used to store the inventory of shirts, hats, jackets, home accessories, etc. enhanced with the coveted Kapalua butterfly logo on them. My guess is that these buildings must have been equipment barns from the time when this was the Honolua Plantation, growing pineapples.

This building is in the same area but looks newer to me — probably more recent construction originally built as a warehouse.

These are the same Cook's Pine trees seen above but from the vantage point of the road that runs along the first and second holes of the Bay Course. One change that was made a few years ago was to make this road one way, going in the direction of the photo. It used to be a two-way road and you had to be very careful when jogging or walking here — drivers were watching for other cars and not so much for pedestrians. I feel much safer now.

Scattered around the Bay Course are the Golf Villas. I have long said that if I were to buy a condo here (as if I would ever have the money to even consider it), I would want one of these units. Their views looking downhill, overlooking the 10th & 18th holes and beyond to the ocean with Moloka`i in the distance — well, it just does not get any better than that.

From the clubhouse looking back at the Golf Villas shows how the landscaping, particularly the Cook's Pine trees have hidden the units from view — basically blending in with nature's bounty.

Shown here is the Clubhouse with the 18th green just below it. This is one of the most beautiful finishing holes that I have ever seen. Don't miss it (you don't have to play, looking is free). But why did someone have to mar it by doing wheelies on the turf just in front of where I was standing?

Below the clubhouse is the Tennis complex. I recall in my earliest travels to Kapalua that tennis seemed a lot more popular than it is today. As I passed by this particular afternoon, no one was playing — leaving the courts to a Cattle Egret. This species was introduced into Hawai`i in 1959 and is thought possibly to be accountable for the decrease in native wetland birds because of increased competition for food and nesting areas, and by directly preying upon young birds.

At least Kapalua is maintaining the landscaping around the tennis complex — here a magnificent Torch Ginger Flower.

In the same place that I end my morning jog/walk, I end this record shot walkabout at Napili Beach where I encountered the Big Kahuna. Cute little guy, n'est-pas?


Life is good.

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