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Record Shots: Napili

More record shots, starting at Honokeana Bay next to Napili Point Condominiums. I drool when I peer at the homes across this small bay, imagining what their views must be like. For sure, these folks must be quite well off financially — way out of my league.

Honokeana Bay is also home to a good size colony of green sea turtles. Getting into and out of the water here is a bit tricky but the rewards of snorkeling with these gentle creatures is priceless. Note that they are protected so keep your distance and no touching please.

I am not a bird expert but I think this might be a Pacific Golden Plover AKA Kolea in Hawai`ian. It seemed totally unafraid of me and allowed me to get quite close before I triggered the shutter.

Ah, the Gazebo at Napili Shores. This is one of the best places on Maui for breakfast or lunch. Not only is the food quite good but the views are breathtaking.

I recall talking to one couple who was staying at Napili Shores and decided to drive to Lahaina for breakfast. There they asked a local where they could get a nice breakfast and he told them to come to the Gazebo. They drove back and enjoyed it immensely.

The Gazebo is so popular that you can expect long lines and a wait to be seated. Nearby is a checkers board with painted coconuts for pieces. This is specially valuable if you are waiting in line with children.

Everywhere you look at Napili Shores you will find awesome vistas. This is just a shot between the buildings, opening onto the Pailolo Channel and Moloka`i beyond. One of the reasons I enjoy this area so much for vacation is the fact that you can see Moloka`i and Lana`i along the horizon. At night you can even see lights both stationary and moving on Moloka`i — it is fun sitting and speculating on what the lights might be from.

Just to the east of Napili Shores is Napili Bay. This panoramic shot is actually composed of seven images stitched together in Photoshop. If you would like to see a larger version, click here.

The surf here is generally very tame in the morning but increasing in ferocity in the afternoon. Some days in the winter, it can be downright scary for inexperienced swimmers.

Here a couple of skim board riders are waiting for waves...

until finally one arrives. Looks like fun although I confess I have never tried it.

Here's a kid with his boogie board. I store one at my friend's condo for their use or mine whenever we happen to be there. For the uninitiated, I can tell you quite honestly that this is definitely a lot of fun — catch a wave and be cast up onto the beach.

You'll recall that I mentioned the surf can become a bit ferocious here at Napili Bay. This young woman just discovered that fact the hard way.


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