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Maui Fair Odds & Ends

In addition to orchids and exotic fruit, the Maui County Fair exhibits some wonderful examples of the art of bonsai, miniature trees grown in pots. In this example, you cannot even see the pots — but the bonsai artist has created the illusion of two islands — complete with a man fishing from one and a couple animals on the other.

Here is a beautiful example of a Jade tree in bonsai form.

Next a flowering Desert Rose with multiple trunks.

This is a classic upright style Juniper. Looks so old, doesn't it.

When I lived in Florida (high school years), I often encountered the Crown of Thorns plant which is used for landscaping there. The name is derived from the Biblical story of the crucifixion when a crown of thorns was placed on Christ's head. Here is a wonderful bonsai version of the same plant.

Ficus trees can be huge — hard to believe the diminutive size of this one which appears to be clenching a rock — and has dropped an air root. Quite cool!

Over at the livestock tent, a different kind of miniature — a tiny rabbit — one of many different varieties on display. This one seemed so shy.

Additionally, there was quite a selection of exotic chickens — brightly colored with extra feathers covering their feet.

This one looked like he got up on the wrong side of bed — so angry. In fact, he wouldn't stand still so I apologize for the slight motion blur of his beak but I really wanted to share this one.

We all immediately recognize a juvenile bovine. If you had been there in person, you would have smelled this animal long before you saw it. In fact, my wife who is quite a city girl would probably have refused to enter the tent just because of the odor.

We close with a very handsome horse. He seemed bored — wish I had an apple — I am sure he would have enjoyed it.

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