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Maui Fair People

If you enjoy photographing people, as I do, you cannot go wrong practicing at the Fair.

Most of the folks are here with big smiles as they enjoy the rides, the food, the exhibits, etc. This guy seemed really serious — and rightfully so — he is one of the operators of the Ferris Wheel.

This young woman seems to have been quite successful at the games — but now she is saddled with carrying that huge prize while trying to talk on her cell phone with her favorite beverage close at hand.

These guys were taking a break from the excitement of the rides and relaxing in the shade.

Not everyone was happy at the Fair — nap time perhaps?

Love that ice cream cone.

And ice cream in a cup is not too bad either.

Was he tired? Disgruntled? Pensive? Who knows?

And what a little cutie. Look at those eyes. You can even see the reflection of the photographer in them.

I spotted this fellow standing outside the Entertainment Tent waiting for the next show. Just loved his dreadlocks — way cool.

Toward the other end of the hair spectrum was this police officer who kindly allowed me to take his picture. The other two officers with him declined but he was a good sport.

To be continued…

Life is good.

B. David

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