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Maui Fair Joy Zone, Part 2

Welcome relief from the hot Maui sun can be found in the tent housing the carnival games.

It seems like the selection of such games has not changed much in my lifetime — and that is now way more than half a century. And the darts are still terribly dull requiring a bit of authority as well as accuracy on the toss to actually burst a balloon. And the real secret is that the cost of a prize is generally less than the cost to play — so they make money even if you burst the balloon — which not everyone can do.

And isn't it interesting that kids raised on video games still find these older mechanical contests fascinating.

When you are four years old, it is quite an accomplishment to toss the bean bag into the clown's mouth. You can probably tell that this vendor is really trying to help him win. Maybe he is the neighbor's kid — or maybe it is just the `ohana (family) of Maui where everyone is your auntie or uncle.

Back outside, I was intrigued by the slide because these kids were having such a blast.

Some were trying out their moves hoping to impress Mom and Dad.

And some seemed to have jet assist as they came flying down the ramp.

Time for a little people watching. Although it appeared that this little guy was watching me more intently than visa versa.

I love to photograph people but it is always a challenge to capture the photos without the subject being self-conscious and posing. In order to do that, I was using the longest focal length of my 28 to 300 mm zoom lens. I was far enough away from the subject that they usually did not notice me and the fact that I was about to capture them on silicon. I love this image of the lady with the red umbrella — she seems to be lost in the atmosphere and good times of the Fair and oblivious to the folks around her.

This man and his sons (I presume) seems to be really focused on something — they certainly did not notice me.

Oh, now I see what they were looking at.

The excitement of the fair can take its toll on a little guy. At least he has a comfortable seat where he can catch a few winks before the next great adventure.

To be continued…

Life is good.

B. David

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