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Maui Fair Joy Zone, Part 1

There are many aspects of the Maui Fair that are similar to County Fairs on the mainland. The "Joy Zone" is simply what EK Fernandez calls the Midway. Same rides, games, food vendors that you would find anywhere in the U.S.

Folks everywhere want to indulge in "fair food" — cotton candy, snow cones, caramel corn and just about anything deep fat fried. Fried Twinkies anyone?

And what kid anywhere can resist a ride on the Carousel? Up and down on a carved wooden horse as it circles around again and again.

None that I have ever met.

Of course, the older kids tend to be more daring — perhaps jumping onto the Wave Swinger. They might not notice but I certainly saw that the backdrop for this ride is Haleakala, the 10,000' foot dormant volcano that dominates 75% of "the Valley Isle". You don't get that at the Ramsey County Fair.

This boy is waiting for the bumper cars to start up. Good lesson in life — hurry up and wait.

And such good fun — ramming your car into someone else's. No injuries, no car damage, no tempers flaring, no lawsuits.

Best of all, it is fun for all ages.

Six coupons (each coupon costing $1.00) will get you on the Zipper for a short ride — up and down, right side up and upside down.

More than one way to get upside down at the Fair. And did I mention the screams? You can probably hear them in your mind, even without a soundtrack.

Midway on the scary scale is Pharaoh's Fury. It swings widely but does not get upside down.

Regardless, there are some scared looks on riders' faces and lots of screams at the pinnacle of each arc.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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