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Desert Botanical Gardens, Part 2

Exiting the butterfly pavilion, one encounters exotic plants that would seem at home on an alien planet — shrubs that send their flowers towering to the sky.

Trees without branching branches — just twigs attached to the trunk.

Leaves that are full of liquid.

Leaves that cannot decide what color to be.

Flowers that resemble tubes.

Plants that seem to explode with leaves.

Other plants that seem to have experienced a population explosion.

Trees that cannot decide if they are cacti or leafy plants.

Plants that look like ears of corn stood on end.

Leaves that look like they are undulating worms.

And cactus whose spines look too big for their bodies.

More next week in this wondrous alien landscape...

Life is good.

B. David

P. S., All photos and text © B. David Cathell Photography, Inc. — www.bdavidcathell.com