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Flagler Museum, Part 6

I am traveling again — back to Florida to visit my dad. Back to the area of the subject for today, the Flagler Mansion.

Two weeks ago, I shared images and descriptions of the building on the grounds which houses the private railway car in which Henry Flagler traveled in style. Upon exiting that building, a photographer's admonishment entered my mind and I turned around to see what I might be missing. Had I not done that I would have missed the reflections in the windows — reflections that capture some of the magic of this place.

Of course, this is what I was seeing reflected — I can never turn down an image of beautiful bougainvillea.

Turning in a different direction, one can see the buildings across the Intracoastal Waterway. Condos? Hotels? Office buildings? Probably some of each but I'll bet they were not there in Flagler's time.

Just next to the mansion is a secluded cove — another lovely spot to sit and while away the hours.

I was really struck by the variety in the architectural lines of the Flagler mansion. Every vantage point seemed to offer a different but interesting visual treat.

Even little touches like these trellises add to the glamor of those by-gone days.

And can't you just imagine relaxing in the shade on the porch — sitting on wicker chairs with a cold drink and gentle breezes to add to your comfort?

Another architecturally interesting angle. It just never stops.

Detail added on detail that really does add up to a grand impression.

And wouldn't you love to visit (back in the day) and step to the glass-panel door to check the weather or view the impressive grounds? I know I would.

Details like this are from an earlier era — we do not see modern buildings with ornamental flourishes like this.

As we end our visit to the Flagler Mansion, a resting bench beckons — complete with carved griffin-like maidens, guaranteed to start a conversation before your carriage (horse or horseless) arrives.

Life is good.

B. David

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