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Farewell Maui, Part 2

The sun was setting on my trip to Maui (figuratively) and on Kapalua Beach (literally). Everyone seems to love to watch the sunsets from the beach — and I am no exception.

By the way, if you look carefully, you'll notice two couples for whom this Kapalua sunset will have special meaning for many years.

Here is one of those couples. Ah, young love!

Curiously, there was another couple also getting married (count them — three couples getting married on the same beach at the same time — Cupid's arrows raining down all around). They apparently decided to make it truly memorable. After the vows were exchanged, they jumped into the ocean fully dressed in their marriage attire. It was a total surprise and I could not get my camera aimed in time — so, sorry no photo of that event. But can you imagine returning the tux and the groom saying something like, "I just turned my back on the ocean for just a second and this giant wave inundated my bride and me. We were lucky not to be swept out to sea".

And is there any wonder why they chose this place and this time?

Since it was my last night on Maui, I rushed down to Lahaina in time to catch the fleeting final rays of the setting sun over the Yacht Harbor. Did you notice the one yacht that has Christmas lights on the mast and spar?

Moments later, the slight glow had faded as I pointed my camera in the other direction, capturing the lights of Front Street.

And a closer view.

Wandering about Lahaina Town for those final memories, I captured the Baldwin Missionary House at night. The next time you visit, tour it during the day (it is not open at night) to see what life was like for the early missionaries.

And here is the old Lahaina Courthouse with its Christmas decorations.

Of course, the Pioneer Inn was not to be outdone.

But one of my favorite sights (which I had never seen prior to this visit) was the lights hung below the Banyan Tree.

Not to be surpassed, Mother Nature offered me a full moon. Quite a sight to see — the Moon over Maui to put a cap on my trip. I loved it.

Life is good.

B. David

P. S., All photos and text © B. David Cathell Photography, Inc. — www.bdavidcathell.com