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Farewell Maui, Part 1

As my trip to Maui was winding down, I did manage to catch a few final images. Looking back, it was a remarkable trip and I was surprised how many photos I took and how many were worthy of sharing. Photographically speaking, this was one of my most rewarding trips to the islands.

Memories are made of these — the sweet perfume of plumeria blossoms...

Sugar cane waving in the tradewinds...

Historic buildings such as the Seaman's Hospital. Built in 1943, it treated the sailors who became ill plying the waters of the central Pacific Ocean.

Seen in the photo above and to the left is the Porter Anchor. Invented by William Porter in 1836, tt was designed to permit large ships to swing in tidal currents without fouling their anchor chains.

This one this one weighs some 10,000 pounds and was found off Black Rock at Ka`anapali in 1978.

Just in front of the Seaman's Hospital is an old longboat. With the aging of the wood it looks quite unsafe — but I am sure it was quite serviceable in its day.

Speaking of boats, the crew of this sailboat was calling it a day after sailing with tourists. The RAW photo was nearly black and white — so I went with the flow — desaturated a little and this is the result.

Late afternoon and the boogie board surfers are getting their last rides in.

These guys are good.

Even the board surfers were getting the waves today.

Perhaps with mixed results.

And a spectacular sunset is on tap.

To be continued...

Life is good.

B. David

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