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Kapalua Village Course, Part 2

Continuing my hike on the now-closed Kapalua Village Golf Course, I was struck by the skill with which Mother Nature has employed her palette to re-paint this wonderful tract of land. Many plants were already growing alongside the fairways — some planted by the groundskeepers and others by birds and other servants of Ma Nature. Since then, these plants and others have begun to spread onto the fairways. It a true visual treat in the making.

I spotted these very unusual fruits. They looked hollow — in a way resembling Chinese paper lanterns — albeit with long whiskers.

More familiar plants were also readily visible. Here is a papaya tree with fruit — including a ripe one at the bottom of the cluster. I thought about wandering over and picking it. However, I assumed it was the regular variety of papaya — I prefer the strawberry (AKA sunrise) papaya — and I had some of them back in my condo.

And how could we not find some hibiscus? After all, the Hawai`i state flower is the hibiscus although technically, it is the yellow hibiscus and this one is red. Who cares, they are all beautiful.

As I continued my walk I was accompanied by scores of butterflies. But do you know how hard it is to photograph a butterfly in flight? Probably one would need a video camera with a fast lens. So I had to wait for them to land before I could capture these magnificent creatures. These sure look like Monarch Butterflies — one of my favorite varieties with connections to several places where I have lived — Maui, Santa Cruz and Minnesota.

Incidentally, there is a company on Maui (also one on Kaua`i) that sells butterflies for release in Hawai`i — for weddings, luaus, parties, whatever. Maybe these are descendants of ones released by The Maui Butterfly Farm.

At one point, I encountered a pond with ducks. Except for the two white ones, they looked like Mallards. I do not recall seeing Mallard Ducks in Hawai`i before — they tend to be found in North America, spending summers in northern climes and winters further south. Curious.

The View — not the television show with the same name — but the view from the Village Course looking down at the Plantation Course. Beyond that is a great surfing cove. Just beyond the row of Norfolk Island Pine trees, you can even see the line of cars parked there, looking like a tiny beaded necklace. In the distance to the right, you can see a pineapple field — although I could not tell if it was still in production or just recently abandoned. Regardless of the details, this is fantastic stuff.

To be continued next week...

Life is good.

B. David

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