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Napili Afternoon & Evening

The Napili area, together with and right next door to Kapalua, is one of the most photogenic areas on Maui in Hawai`i in the world. This particular afternoon, I went on a short walk to visit Napili Point, the property next door to where I always stay, Napili Shores. It has been a few years since my last visit and not much had changed — still as beautiful as I recalled.

The land where both resorts sit, is a peninsula so there are bays on either side. Well, actually this one is called a "cove", specifically Honokeana Cove — the difference being that a cove is a small sheltered bay. Regardless of what you call it, this cove is great for snorkeling — you will see fish, of course, but lots of green sea turtles. There were some visible this day, frolicking on the surface (which provides lousy photos — you gotta get in the water with an underwater camera to capture them).

The only concern here is that access is rather tricky — entering and exiting the cove, as the surf surges against the rocky shoreline. To be honest, I have never snorkeled here because, in this spot, safety requires a companion — and on all my trips to Maui, I have not had someone who would accompany me into this unique underwater world. Someday perhaps — it is on my bucket list.

The opening to Honokeana Cove also provides some great surfing. During most of my trip, the waves were up and surfers were attracted to this spot daily. This particular day, the surf was better elsewhere so no surfers.

This unfortunate resident of Honokeana Cove seems to have met his demise, probably in the same area where he came into the world. Curiously, whatever creature devoured him left the body relatively intact.

Ah, maybe this is the culprit. I do not know what kind of bird this is — and do not recall ever seeing one in Hawai`i before. But he was pretty brave, allowing me to approach quite closely.

Back on land I found a spectacular hibiscus and caught it close up.

Outside one of the units at Napili Point I found this banana tree just full of almost-ripe bananas. What a treat to walk out of your condo and pick your banana for breakfast!

Wondering back to Napili Shores, I encountered this wonderful falls area with a quiet pond stocked with koi. Very natural looking and almost meditative for the sensitive soul.

On the other side of the bridge is a similar koi pond which so enhances the ambiance of the restaurant (where I ate Thanksgiving dinner) just beside the pond.

And how could we miss the perfumed fragrance of the plumeria? This is a pink variety, still with the golden center. Oh so sweet.

Once darkness fell, I decided to practice some more nighttime photography. This is the Honolua Store which I shared with you last week albeit that was as a daytime shot. Click here if you would like to compare.

This is Merriman's Kapalua — one of my absolute favorite restaurants anywhere. If you visit Maui and want to have a combination of wonderful food and a gorgeous setting, often with a breathtaking sunset, this is the place. If you would like to compare it to a daytime shot from the other end of Kapalua Bay, click here.

One last nighttime shot of Napili Bay from the Napili Kai Beach Resort side. I love it — what else can I say?

Life is good.

B. David

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