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Papohaku Beach

The day after my exhausting hike to La`au Point, I got a late start and began with a picnic lunch. Just above Papohaku Beach (AKA 3-Mile Beach) among the keawe trees, there are picnic tables — distributed in a lovely area sheltered from the wind and sun— a perfect spot to enjoy a sandwich. As I sat there enjoying life on Moloka`i, I noticed this particular tree which seemed to have a drinking problem.

After lunch I decided to take a walk along the beach — even though I took lots of photos here last year (and shared some at the time), you never know what photographic opportunities might arise. The exposed roots of this keawe tree caused me to ponder if the waves or the wind eroded the sand at its base. Probably both.

Oh what a gorgeous day — and not a single human in sight.

However, I was sharing the beach with these purplish blue flowers...

and the seeds they eventually produce.

The wind was howling — helping to produce huge waves but also blowing the spray from the wave crests high in the air.

However, the elements did not seem to concern these sandpipers — they continued to look for tasty tidbits in the sand. Nor did they seem to care that I was there — allowing me to approach them quite closely.

Time to move on. As I approached my rental car in the parking lot, this cattle egret watched me carefully — looking happy that I was leaving.

Life is good.

B. David

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