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HP Retirement Anniversary IV

It is hard for me to believe — perhaps you will find it equally unbelievable — but this past week marks the fourth anniversary of my retirement from Hewlett-Packard Co., Inc. This year, as most years, was marked with highs and lows. In my memories, the high point was my trip to Moloka`i last November for the photography workshop taught by Eddie Soloway — a great photographer and a great instructor. Not only did I find incredible photographic opportunities but also met and befriended some wonderful people.

The obvious low point came with my mom's diagnosis of cancer, her treatment and ultimately her death. I suspect that almost everyone is traumatized by the death of their parents — inevitable though it is. But as I said before, we are choosing to celebrate her life and not dwell on her passing. Of course, any death of a loved one aggravates that scar tissue that is in my heart from the death of my beloved Kona over eleven years ago — that may never fully heal.

Not much more to say — other than enjoy the photographic highlights of the last year.




Life is good.

B. David

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