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I'm Gone (Almost)!

Not permanently, of course, but on Wednesday of this week I am flying to Hawaii (where else?). Way back in May (before the financial meltdown), I signed up for a photography workshop on Molokai being taught by Eddie Soloway, who was one of the great instructors I had in Santa Fe. When I saw the workshop listing, I had to go — and I suspect I was the first person to sign up. Very quickly, I arranged my air transportation — but was shocked to discover that even six months in advance, I was unable to obtain free seats using frequent flier miles — probably due to Aloha and ATA discontinuing service to Hawaii. Fewer seats —> fewer free seats. So the air fare had to come out of my pocket.

I decided to go to Molokai a few days early to adjust to Hawaii time, take a few photos on my own and maybe fit in a round of golf. Oops, now it appears that Kaluakoi Golf Course has been closed. Too bad — but now I'll have more time for photography. After the workshop, I will take the ferry over to Maui.

Since I love Maui, I will spend two weeks there — the first week I will be joined by my longtime friend and his wife. John and I first met in the late 1960's when we both worked at Control Data in Minnesota. In recent years, John has visited Phoenix for a long weekend of golf plus a day for him to visit his daughter who also lives nearby. This year, our golf vacation will be on Maui. Cool!

When my time on Maui ends, I am taking the ferry over to Lanai to visit friends there as well as take lots of photos. Lanai is cool because it is probably like a Hawaiian vacation from the early 1900's. In total, I will be in Hawaii four weeks — I can hardly wait.

As a result of my travels, my Life After HP newsletters may be a bit sporatic depending on my free time and the availability of the Internet. Today's issue and next week's issue feature photos from the Desert Botanical Garden. In addition to butterflies, there are wonderful plants, particularly those from the Sonoran Desert and other deserts around the world. Enjoy.

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