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Key West, Part 5

Royal Poinciana As one might expect of a tropical paradise, Key West offers a huge array of colorful flowers. One example that that city is known for is Royal Poinciana. The flowers are brightly colored red with a hint of orange or orange with a hint of red, depending on the variety. The leaves are delicate and fern-like.

The story we were told was that the British planted many of these trees to mark the island as their territory. I had to chuckle because what came to my mind was a dog or cat marking its territory. Regardless, one will spot these gorgeous trees all over this island city.

Yellow Flowers Fairy Duster?

Flowering trees abound. I do not know the name of the tree to the left but I loved the contrast of the bright yellow flowers against the blue sky.

Also, I do not know the name of this one on the right. In Arizona we have a desert flower called the fairy duster that is similar and both are delicately beautiful regardless of their names.

Pretty Red Flower Orchid Flowers

Don't know the name of this one either — sure is pretty though.

Orchid flowers.

Hibiscus Bananas


Bananas. Well, I guess they are not flowers but are the fruit that comes from the pollinated banana flowers.

Banyan Tree

Water Lily.

Banyan Tree. During our Conch Train Tour, John pointed out a Banyan Tree (not this one) that supposedly covered two acres. That is huge. The famous Banyan Tree in Lahaina, Maui is half an acre in size. Unfortunately, I did not note where the two-acre tree was located so this smaller example will have to suffice.

And Bougainvillea everywhere in every imaginable color.

Technically the "flowers" are not flowers was colorful bracts — modified leaves. The flowers are actually quite tiny and not particularly interesting photographically other than to provide a small accent in a closeup of a flower - bract cluster.

Plumeria Plumeria

Plumeria. That takes me back to Hawaii where these trees grow in profusion. Surprisingly, the blossoms in Key West have a different fragrance than those in Hawaii. These are more fruity while those in Hawaii are more like perfume.

But in both locations they are found in many colors...

Plumeria Royal Poinciana

...even white.

Wow, another Royal Poinciana. Who can blame me, they are so striking.

To be continued...

 Life is good.

 B. David