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90 Years and Counting

Banner As most of you will recall, I have been traveling recently and my LAHP topics are behind real time. So this issue goes back to talk about my May trip (the story of my most recent trip to Florida will come in time) — to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to help my family celebrate my father's 90th birthday.

I have three sisters, one living in nearby Delaware and two living in Florida — we were all able to converge on Salisbury so we had a little family reunion to boot. We have a lot of relatives living in the area and most were able to come to the party --- plus a few friends and neighbors who were also invited.

Photos Besides the banner, my mom and sisters gathered photos from my dad's life to share with the party-goers. They went back as far as his first year of life and continued to very recent times.

Dad And he has experienced a very colorful and meaningful life. He barely survived his own birth — then was further challenged as he grew up during the Great Depression. As he reached maturity, Europe entered into war which later ensnared the U.S. with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

He served in the Army Air Corps (predecessor to the Air Force) and was in training as a fighter pilot when World War II ended. Before and after the war, he worked as a carpenter in the ship building industry in Baltimore.

Realizing the need to support his growing family, he attended night school to learn electronics — enabling him to get a better job working on electronic test equipment. Later his employer moved their operations to Florida (for cheaper labor) and offered a fully paid move.

Bye-bye Baltimore! Hello Fort Lauderdale! My parents continued to live in South Florida until my dad retired and my mother's company moved their headquarters to Atlanta. During their years in Florida, my dad became an orchid hobbyist. I say "hobbyist" but he was pretty serious — maintaining well over 100 orchid plants of many varieties.

Eventually, my mom also retired and they moved back to their childhood home area where they live now. But the one thing that has remained constant through all the phases of their lives is my dad's devotion to the Baltimore Orioles.

Mom & LisaHe and my mom have been married 67 years — rearing four children — I am the oldest. Lisa, seen here with my mom, is my baby sister (14 years younger) — the youngest in the family.

Connie Janie Connie and Janie are in between. In case you didn't guess, we have a very close family — although we are spread out all over the country.

Uncle Ed As I mentioned, many relatives were in attendance. Here is my mother's youngest brother — my Uncle Ed. He tells me that he was there when I was born (in my grandmother's house) and heard my first cry — he said it was a loud one. Uncle Ed was always special to me — as were my mother's other brothers and sister — they were a close family of five siblings — sadly, two of them have passed away, way too early.

My Uncle Ed served in the Air Force, working on aviation electronics, eventually retiring with the rank of Master Sergeant. During his years of service, he has lived in many lands and at various places in the U.S. We love to talk about our mutual fondness for Hawaii. Maybe one of these days, we'll visit there together. After retiring from the military, he worked for the state of Delaware, installing and keeping their traffic signals working properly.

He and my dad love to chat. He and my mom love to sing together (both have excellent singing voices). And he likes motorcycles. Finally bought one.


Half Brother I even had the opportunity to meet relatives for the first time — here my dad's half-brother and his wife.

Todd PJ My nephew, Todd (Connie's son) — a letter carrier — and father to a whole gaggle of kids. Obviously, I recall when Todd was a child. He has grown up to be a devoted father and fine young man — although he questions "young" as he points out the few gray hairs — probably a result of all those kids.

Todd's wife, Melanie, was not able to attend but look at this close and happy family — to the right is PJ.

Noah Levi Noah


Obi Sydney Obi (trying out for the Our Gang comedies)

Sydney (enjoying the birthday cake with blue icing)

Rachael There were lots more folks at the party — and I'm sure you don't have the patience to see all of them. And I apologize to those family members whose photos are not included — although I find that most adults do not like their pictures and do not want them published. So I will just share a few more photos of the kids — for they are our future. Enjoy.

Rosemary's DaughterAmy's Daughter

Mom and Dad It was a great day. I look forward to the 100th birthday celebration.

 Life is good.

 B. David