Hello Friends and Family,

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Cabela's Exterior Last week when I was killing time waiting for the opening of the NFL Experience, I decided to visit the new Cabela's store — the self-styled "World's Foremost Outfitter" — which is within walking distance of the stadium. They carry everything that the hunter, fisherman or camper might need — or so it seemed to me. The one deficiency? I did not see anything special for those of us who like to shoot animals with a camera instead of a gun or bow and arrow. Of course, there is some overlap — boots needed to hike to find spots to photograph are pretty much the same as hiking to that favorite hunting spot.

Diorama In the back center of the store is a huge diorama that any natural museum would envy. On display are scores of stuffed animals of various types and sizes in natural poses. I guess this is supposed to get your hunting juices flowing — but for me, it got my photography juices flowing.

Fox in winter coat One of the smaller critters was this little guy — a fox with its winter coat.

Elk And one of the larger mammals — an elk (or is it a deer, I am certainly no expert). These guys are so lifelike, you can almost hear them bellowing.

Mountain Lion Shades of old National Geographic shots. Of course, it might be more believable if he did not have that sign below his paw announcing that he is a Mountain Lion.

Polar Bear And since I do not like cold weather, this is about as close to a polar bear that my camera will ever get — especially since these old legs will not carry me as fast when trying to escape from hungry carnivores. Even stuffed, this one looks angry. Shrinking polar ice packs will do that.

Timber Wolf At first, I thought this was a coyote but the sign says "Timber Wolf". I guess I'd be howling too if my butt was sitting on ice.

Deer shopping Since I had already eaten lunch at the free Westgate buffet, I did not try any of the game meats offered in their grill. Hmm...elk, wild boar, bison, ostrich, turkey? I've eaten bison, ostrich and turkey. I guess I'll have to check out the elk or wild boar some other time. There was also a firearms museum that I just glanced at — some interesting old pieces if you are in to that sort of thing. Well, my watch was telling me that it was time to go purchase my ticket for the NFL Experience.

 Life is good.

 B. David