Hello Friends and Family,

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Happy New Year

I was honored to be invited to a celebration the day after Christmas — the 35th anniversary of the wedding of Roger and Patti Longenbach. Roger is an HP buddy — he and Patti moved to the Phoenix area so that they could care for Patti's elderly aunt. Thus Roger started working remotely from his work group — just like I was. He was born the same year as I was and we retired in the same year. I guess that created a special bond of friendship between us. Those of you who worked in the soon-to-be-closed HP office in Tempe will remember Roger and perhaps Patti but have you ever seen the young Roger and Patti?

They even brought some DVDs that were produced from old movies that were taken on their wedding day. It was fun to see them as they were then — but also to view some wonderful old cars that were on loan for the occasion.
Young Roger and Patti

Family and friends gathered at the Meritage Steakhouse adjacent to the pro shop for the Wildfire Golf Club at the J.W. Marriott Desert Ridge Resort in north Phoenix. Even with all the guests, it was easy to tell that Roger and Patti have a special feeling for the two youngest guests — their grandchildren. And who could blame them — they are a cute as they can be. Must be good genes from the grandparents.

Daphne Roger III

And of course we had to have to obligatory family portrait.

Family Portrait

DessertThe gathering was a celebration and what are Americans best at when it comes to celebrating? Food. I was very impressed with the restaurant — I was expecting a more modest mid-day meal — after all, it is adjoining a golf course. But the food was incredible — imaginative and tasty. The main course offered a dish that I have never tried before — goose. Wonderful! Naturally, there were fantastic desserts to complete the meal — and small enough that you could have more than one.

Roger and Patti It was a lovely celebration. I am so glad I could share in it. Thank you Roger and Patti. Congratulations and many happy returns.

Oh, and one last thought. It is another 15 years until you hit your 50th anniversary — but it's never too early to start planning. For my parent's 50th, my sisters and I chipped in to give them a surprise gift of a Caribbean cruise. Maybe it's time to start dropping the hints — like forwarding this LAHP to them. Hint, hint.

Hard to believe but another year is drawing to a close. I hope everyone had an enjoyable and even memorable year — I know I sure did. And may 2008 be even better.

 Life is good.

 B. David