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Merry Quilters

I have written previously about my mom's quilting group which makes small quilts for the kids at a woman's shelter in Salisbury, MD called the Life Crisis Center. While I was visiting my folks, the group met for their regular work session to finish up the quilts that the members had started on their own. I was invited to attend — which I saw as a wonderful opportunity to take photos of these wonderful, generous ladies. Words are not sufficient to praise these women — so I¬†will let the photos do the talking with only minimal commentary.


Reiko hosted this month's get-together.







My mom, Carolyn

My mom, Carolyn.


I didn't catch this lady's name.

Quilting hands

Quilting hands.

Quilt tying

Quilt tying.

Star Quilt

Star quilt

Star Quilt Reverse

Star quilt reverse.

Spinner Quilt

Spinner quilt.

Pastel Quilt

Pastel quilt.

Hawaiian quilt
(from fabrics I sent from Hawaii).

Future Arizona Quilts

Future Arizona quilts
(from fabric I brought with me).

I salute these wonderful ladies — for they bring such joy to the kids who have so little. If you have any scraps of fabric that would make cute little quilts for these kids, and would like to donate them to this great cause, please let me know and I'll give you a shipping address.

 Life is good.

 B. David